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  • Helpful Tips For Carpet Care, Temecula, CA

    Posted on February 21, 2022 by in Carpet Care, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Service, Temecula CA

    A quality carpet can last a decade or two. But it may last even longer than that – if there’s proper care. Indeed, taking good care of your carpet is pivotal for its extended lifespan.

    Here are some helpful tips for carpet care in Temecula, CA, to keep your carpet in good shape:

    Remove stains promptly

    It is common knowledge that the longer the stain stays on the carpet fabric, the harder it is to remove it. Therefore, any foreign matter, spilled sauce, for example, should merit immediate removal. Aside from that, it can attract pests to feed on it, which makes the carpet even more vulnerable to deterioration.

    Avoid dirt accumulation

    In the area with high foot traffic, dirt and soil tend to accumulate faster. That is not only a factor in shortening the lifespan of your carpet, but it can also put the health of the whole family at risk. Dust in a carpet makes the air quality of enclosed space poor, aggravating the health, particularly those who have breathing conditions.

    Keep it dry

    A damp carpet is not only a haven of disease-causing germs but can also ruin the integrity of the carpet’s fabric. Therefore, you should dry liquid spills right away. Always check the area in the kitchen, particularly in the sink area where moisture is prevalent. You should also not forget to check the carpet near the door as it is also vulnerable to liquid from the snow melts and rain.

    Perform routine cleaning

    Regular carpet cleaning is crucial to prolonging its lifespan. Therefore, it should be part of your carpet care, Temecula, CA. You can categorize your carpet cleaning routine into two different types. One is on a daily or weekly basis – this is to remove the debris and dirt it has gathered in a short period. Doing this also keeps you on top of the possible issue that your carpet has. The other type of cleaning is deep cleaning, which you can do twice or thrice a year. The purpose is not only to remove the dirt visible to the naked eye but to make it spotless, removing odor and disease-causing bacteria. Professional cleaners usually handle this type of cleaning.

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