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  • Electrostatic Disinfectant Application

    Posted on August 5, 2020 by in Electrostatic Disinfectant Application, Temecula CA

    Today more than ever is the time to become mindful of how we clean surfaces – be it at home or in the workplace. With the current wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to make sure that we – and our family – are protected through innovative cleaning solutions. We don’t take chances, as the famous line says.

    The electrostatic disinfectant application is one example of innovation that puts the cleaning process to a higher level. Gone were the problems associated with the traditional wipe-with-a-cloth strategy. The conventional dry and wet dusting is not that effective since they only kick up resting particles and redistributing them into the other areas and onto other surfaces.

    Indeed, we can consider the electrostatic disinfectant application as revolutionary because the mechanism behind it has been proven effective in getting rid of dust/particles off the surfaces more effectively and efficiently.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. The cleaning technician applies onto surfaces and objects an electrostatically charged mist that is produced from a specialized solution and is combined with air and atomized by an electrode.
    2. The spray, which contains positively charged particles, aggressively adheres to surfaces and objects; positively charged particles make them cling to and coat any surface they are aimed at
    3. The electrostatic spray, which becomes electrically charged, allows the right sanitizers, mold preventatives, and disinfectants to wrap around and evenly coat different types of surfaces for a more complete clean.
    4. The droplets then become attracted to all negative surfaces with the sanitizing agent.

    Some main benefits of electrostatic disinfectant application:

    • It cuts the time it takes to clean and disinfect all surfaces, including hard-to-reach places by 50% compared to the traditional methods
    • It improves infection control, which means it reduces the risk of spreading viruses, including influenza, MRSA, HIV, and the latest, COVID-19
    • It uses the right amount of cleaning chemicals and applies them in a more efficient, controlled manner; it eliminates the hazard of overuse
    • It helps prevent costly hospitalization due to contagious healthcare infections

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