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  • The Process Employed by Carpet Cleaning Service providers, Temecula, CA

    Posted on February 29, 2016 by in Carpet Cleaning

    The Process Employed by Carpet Cleaning Service providers, Temecula, CA

    Ever wonder how carpet cleaning service providers do their job? Here are general steps followed by professional carpet cleaners (and the service you are likely to get when you hire one):


    Step 1: Pre-inspection or Pre-assessment – a staff from a carpet cleaning contractor first conducts a pre-inspection on the area to assess the scope of the job and suggest the most ideal way to do it.


    Step 2: Pre-vacuuming – this is done to remove the ‘first level’ of dirt, foreign matters such as insoluble dry soil.


    Step 3: Moving of furniture and other items – to ensure that all parts of your carpet is cleaned, the cleaner will most likely temporarily remove your furniture and other movable items.


    Step 4: Pre-spot treatment – some parts of your carpet might be more difficult to clean because of stubborn dirt; such areas are pre-treated for maximum removal.


    Step 5: Pre-spray treatment – this is done particularly on the carpet traffic lane area (portion that receives the most foot traffic); your carpet cleaner usually will apply bio-friendly treatments to remove heavy soil and grease.


    Step 6: Pre-grooming – with the help of a handheld grooming tool or a rotary cleaning machine, your carpet is pre-groomed to loosen up the stubborn dirt, particularly present on the foot traffic lane.


    Step 7: Extracting and rinsing – with the help of hot-water extraction cleaning machine, which is usually truck-mounted, the loosened dirt are removed, and the carpet is rinsed (the cleaner should be extra careful on this (pressure and heat are regulated) to avoid ‘overwet’ and damage your carpet’s quality.


    Step 8: Neutralizing – the Ph balance should be achieved during extracting and rinsing to ensure that no damage is done to your carpet, in case it is not achieved a post-spray will be applied.


    Step 9: Post spot treatment – it could be that there are still spots present on some parts of your carpet so a post-spot treatment is applied.


    Step 10: Post grooming – the carpet pile is set in a uniformed direction to aid the drying process.


    Step 11: Speed drying – with the help of a high velocity air mover, the drying process time is lessened.


    Step 12: The post cleaning assessment – your cleaning contractor will usually discuss about the results; he will also give some reminders or things to note that are useful to you, the owner.


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